Zebra rug repair specialist in New York?

Submitted by Bonnie Chaikin on 07/19/2004 at 23:00. ( bpccesq@yahoo.com )

I recently inherited my mom's felt backed zebra skin rug. I think she bought it in the mid 60's. It is a large skin, quite beautiful, but has numerous cracks. There is a layer of thin white padding between felt and skin. Can it be rehydrated/restored/rebacked. It has sentimental value to me. Can you recommend someone in New York area. Do you know how much this would run? Thank you.

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zebra rug

This response submitted by steve hall on 07/20/2004 at 07:33. ( tazzymoto@hotmail.com )

Hi Bonnie
yes it can be done but the price will vary according to condition and taxidermist. I restored an 8' grizzly rug and charged 1050$ it was in a hundred pieces. the cracks need to be fixed then the whole thing sh
ould be backed with a heavy material like denim. If you have any questions send me an email

I know of a place in Saugerties

This response submitted by Ryan L on 07/20/2004 at 09:55. ( )

that does alot of rug work. Their # is 914-246-3566. It is about 1 hour north of NYC. Ryan

e-mail was returned

This response submitted by Mary Hilliard-Krueger on 07/20/2004 at 16:56. ( Halflingrugger@aol.com )

Bonnie, I e-mailed a lengthy response to you and it came back. I am a professional rugmaker and I have quite a bit of advice for you regarding the Zebra rug. Please e-mail me or call me at 623-582-0237.

Thanks .

This response submitted by Bonnie Chaikin on 07/25/2004 at 16:28. ( bchaikin@optonline.net ) ool-18bbc2b3.dyn.optonline.net

Thanks very much for your responses.

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