Looking for baby male coon for under $100

Submitted by Alix Weott on 07/26/2004 at 18:12. ( x_420_69_binx@yahoo.com )

i am looking for a baby male raccoon for under $100 to be shipped to Colorado. email me at x_420_69_binx@yahoo.com

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Looking for a baby Racoon in Southern California pay $100+

This response submitted by Karl on 8/4/04 at 5:22 PM. ( modelbook@aol.com )

Looking for a baby raccoon to raise, or give a good home to a young domesticated raccoon. Will travel to pick up. Will pay $100. I've been a true wildlife expert for over 20 years. To the complaining 'wild life' nut listed below, I doubt anything you say. First of all, wildlife is one word, not two (wild life). I can't stand the so called 'Wildlife Experts' who claim to be looking out for wild animals when they go around shooting darts at them, putting radio colars on them, taking blood, etc...and for what...so we can see what their poop looks like...idiots, all of them. Raccoons are easily domisticated and often cleaner than cats and dogs. A human has never died from Raccoon rabies. Humans have only died from dog and bat rabies. There are plenty to go around.


This response submitted by steve on 8/9/04 at 11:51 PM. ( stevenz13@webt.net )

ok im only 15 but ive trapped and released about 50 baby male coons. the adults wernt so fortunate.how ever next time i catch 1 i will let you all know that i have it. we can come up w/a price but i wont send it anywhere unless you pay for shipping. i doubt i will charge 100 dollars either it will be less than that.

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