How do you skin a Gray Fox Coyote or Bobcat dorsally ?

Submitted by Matthew on 1/13/05 at 11:55 PM. ( )

Hey Im asking if any taxidermists mind telling me how to skin dorsal a talked to a taxidermists and he said they would pay me more for raw skins skinned dorsal than cased. I also heard it is easier than tube skinning. Although I think I have an idea how to do this I guess what you do is make a cut from the back of the neck then go down the back and then cut all the way to the coyotes tail then I gues you case skin around the rest of the body ? What about the feet front and back how do they get attached ?

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With a dorsal knife

This response submitted by cur on 1/14/05 at 1:09 AM. ( )

Unless you are left handed. They onlycome in righties. Skin from the base of the tail to the shoulders....more if you have to, less is best in my book. Tube out the legs, leave scrotum and all intact if a male. Skin paws down to the last toe digit and cut off. skin out head and be careful not to cut the eyelids or the pre-orbits, if any. Turn the ears if you know how. Slice mouth away at the gum line and cut through base of nose cartilege. After skinning invert so the skin side is out and thge fur in, and salt or freeze...

My biggest complaint with raw skins from trappers is not how they are skinned, but a lot of you guys don't bother to measure before skinning. If you measure from the tip of the nose to the front corner of the eye, and around the neck and around the ribs, and write down those measurements that would help a lot. Measure the nose/eye before skinning and the neck and rib area after skinning. Write it down and tag the dimensions to the pelt. If I left anything out, forgive me, I'm old and it's late.

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