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I was wondering if anyone on this forum has used balmex before. If so, I would like to know its capabilities and what procedure should be used when using it. Does it still need to be opened up to use it, or do you just inject it in?

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This response submitted by Ernie on 2/1/05 at 5:30 PM. ( )

Last time I used it I had a rash. My little ones diaper rash also.


This response submitted by George on 2/1/05 at 5:31 PM. ( )

"Does it have to be opened up to use it or do you just inject it in." Somehow that one loses me.

Balmex is a World War I embalming fluid intended to be injected. HOWEVER, there are many other/better products available today. Rittel's Preservz It and Touchstone's 4 in 1 are good products taht you can get through suppliers.

I don't know if you already have the balmex, but

This response submitted by Jan George on 2/1/05 at 6:00 PM. ( )

my local undertaker gave me a bottle of it a long time ago and on the back it said, "Wear eye protection, gloves and a respirator. Can be absorbed through skin, may cause central nervous system damage, blindness or death." 'Nuff said about that. Lots of things are dangerous to a certain extent, but I think I'd stick with the Preservz It.


This response submitted by jimsoverns on 2/2/05 at 2:53 AM. ( )

if you mean does the skin need to be opened up ,,,,,,,,,,,no just inject the balmex into the fleshy parts

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