Coyote ears...Need help please

Submitted by Mike Hensley on 2/6/05 at 9:26 PM. ( )

I am doing my first attempt at home tanning on a coyote pelt. I don't know what to do with the ears. Can you skin out the cartlidge or can you leave it. I don't want the hair to slip on the ears so what is my best option?

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i dont

This response submitted by lee on 2/6/05 at 9:40 PM. ( )

i dont think it is nessary just for a tanned wall hangar, just remove the meat from the ear butts and salt heavy and you should be fine. keep in mind they will shrivel and become hard as a rock though.

Turn the ear inside out, and leave the cartlidge

This response submitted by John C on 2/6/05 at 11:15 PM. ( )

Before you are totally done with the tanning, invert the ear to somewhat of the normal status and then allow it to dry.

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