share your frustration stories - let me start

Submitted by terryr on 2/7/05 at 4:29 PM. ( )

had coyote tanned and ready to mount - slippped skin over form and found out no matter how hard i tried a 2" gap is a 2" gap - i pulled skin back off and split form and took out an 1" - slipped skin back on and was pleased to find that now the 2 front legs are touching - not to be deterred i slippped it on anyway - when the legs are touching w/o the skin on when the skin IS on they are REALLY touching - since the skin was already on (but not sewed) i elected to break the leg (i guess elected isnt the right word when it breaks when you are bending it out of the way) - i bondoed it in place without much problem - i am now beyond the 4 hrs outside that it normally takes me to do one of these and i haven't sewed nayhting yet - i forgot one thing - i sewed the anus shut (customer brot in cape with holes everywhere so i just sewed up everything that i could see thru)- opend it up and proceeded to sew up legs - no problems - sew up back incision with about 12 ripouts but ended up doing a good job - no i'm about 6 hrs into a 3-4 hr job - all that is left is to put it on habitat so i can work on face - preneginnered everything ahead of time so this would be a snap - have to redrill one hole becasue i shrunk the form - drop form into holes and think 'man what else could go wrong' - the answer being - none of the nuts will go onto the cutoff bolts - yes i straightened the threads when i cut them off - i go eat dinner and think this couldn't get any worse - pull form off habitat and work on bolts with file - hooray all three take the nuts - drop back in and the form is listing on habitat - form is made to be mounted on floor base - not wall where it leans away from wall - center of gravity is wrong for wall mount - boy this is getting interesting- 7 hrs into 3-4 hr job - all that is left if face and ears and the ears are bondoed already - slip over face and discover that i forgot the nose on coyote is totally no good and i will need to use replacement nose - i already have these made up so there shouldn't be any problem - cut nose off of form and whole end of face breaks off - tack and bondo back i place - bondo fake nose on and go to mount skin - e'thing goes reasonably smooth and looks good - my charge for this type of mount is $1,000,000 - anyone need a coyote mounted?

let's here your stories


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This response submitted by lee on 2/7/05 at 4:58 PM. ( )

do you have any hair left?

My frustration story

This response submitted by jim on 2/7/05 at 6:30 PM. ( )

I am still excepting taxidermy after 30 plus years full time.


This response submitted by bruce on 2/7/05 at 7:21 PM. ( )

just thinking how much that would suck. and then when you were done you had to remember it all over and relive it to typw it out. sucks . hope next one works out better

Ruined cape

This response submitted by JB on 2/7/05 at 9:18 PM. ( )

Been reading these forums for quite some time now, and just read over the nightmare coyote story. I'm new to this game..and have a couple of whitetails that I'm working on. Havent mounted anything yet, but have a cape off to K&K Tannery. I was going to try to mount a 9 point buck that I shot during rifle season this year. It was a nice buck..had a 19 inch meat measurement behind the ears. Well the cape job went good. (Slow but good). Even managed to turn the ears without blowing them out. Well, I salted it for a couple nights, and got it good and dried, then rehydrated, washed it off a tad, then threw it in the pickle for 3 days. So i thought I'd take it out and shave it down (with a kinife). After 5 hours, about 8 nice big holes, and a right forearm that I couldnt feel (combination of shaving the skin and sharpening the knife 47 times), I decided to put it back in the pickle and save it for later. Well, I've done a few more capes since then, and have one off to K&K Tannery..found out that without a fleshing machine, or the know-how to flesh one by hand, that it would be easier in my case to have it professionally tanned, then get it back and try to mount it. Been at this now since November, and hav yet to order a form, or try to mount one. Guess it will be awhile before I get the cape back, so in the meantime, I'll be on here reading..waiting to get a cape back so I can attempt a mount. What I'm gettin at here might have had a rough time with the coyote, but it could always be worse!
When I start working on this deer sometime in the spring, I'll be hitting up some of the knowledgeable people on here, lookin for I'll be taking digital pics throughout the process.


This response submitted by Jack F on 2/7/05 at 11:44 PM. ( )

I was told when I started by a long time taxidermist. That most people who think they want to be a taixdermist drop out after they learn what needs to be done to the cape defore mounting FLESHING. If you can get through it and still want to be a taxidermist then you probably will be a taxidermist.
Terry, I feel your pain. I hate those stinky things and I don't charge what you do 500.00 is my going rate habitat is extra. I can't mount one in less then 6 hours when things go right. Thats just the mounting process not to include skinning, fleshing, tanning and thinning it. Jack F

Sounds like normal for me

This response submitted by Sherrie on 2/8/05 at 12:20 AM. ( )

Terry? Why are you complaining? I still take forever to get anything done. Not that I have been doing it that long, but that is my normal everything kind of mount there!
But, I am getting a little faster. I actually got a "deer" on the form in less than 8 hours! haha My last coyote is still waiting to get the last 2 feet and the tail sewn up! He's only been sitting for a couple of months now!
You know those bullet holes that are normally easy to sew up? Well, I sewed, it was behind the ear, put in the earliners, was looking to make sure all looked good. floomp, over falls the ear, set it back up and twist liner, floomp, twist, floomp, twist,.....? stick on form, same thing, floomp, twist....there was a 3" diameter hole that I had so cleverly sewn up behind the ear to the back of the skull...... needless to say, I quit for the night!
Next day, D is looking at it and I asked him if he thought I could get by with a yote ear done like a deer know, one forward, one twisted around listening behind it?! Not with it turned to the inside and turned to the back of his head!
ha ha he he I love this work! We should have to pay the clients to do them!
But one of my favs is not about the work, but the tools. Friend was waiting to get bird flesher, so he had made one from a drill. Strapped down the trigger, had it mounted so he wouldn't be holding a goose hung up in it, said he thought it was going to beat him to death by slapping him in the head as he was reaching BEHIND it to unplug it!

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