first open mouth

Submitted by woodsman on 2/11/05 at 10:23 AM. ( )

I would like to know some advise on an open mouth bobcat. I have always done closed mouth. How do you get the gum to come up to the jaw set to make it look real. What type of glue do you use? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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one more thing

This response submitted by woodsman on 2/11/05 at 10:25 AM. ( )

I forgot to ask what about finish work on the gums?

Two ways

This response submitted by George on 2/11/05 at 10:58 PM. ( )

1) Take a Dremel tool and rout a very fine channel all the way around the lip line. Install your jawset and finish it right then with colored Apoxie. Mount your animal and tuck the lips down in the routed slot. Glue and pin them and leave until dry. Then mix up the same color Apoxie and make the transition from the finished jawset over the tucked lip and create an artificial lip that will need airbrushing and glossing.

2) Leave plenty of lip on the inside. Flesh meticulously. Install the jawset and finish it with colored Apoxie as above. Mount your animal and then take Apoxie sculpt. Put a roll INSIDE the fleshed lip and then fold the completed lip up against the jawset. Press the Apoxy down to bond it to the bottom of the jawset. As it hardens, taxi the skin to look realistic. When hardened, let the mount dry and then airbrush color and gloss over the real lips.

thank you

This response submitted by woodsman on 2/12/05 at 2:56 PM. ( )

George, thank you for the in-depth instructions. I enjoy reading the post that are on this forum you seem to be very knowledgeable. How long have you been doing taxidermy?

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