Submitted by Charley on 2/15/05 at 7:55 PM. ( )

Hi all,
I have a question on how to secure the lips on a mount when using the original skull of the animal? I have been just pinning them until dry but this is a real pain.
How do you all do it? I check the orange bottun but just found stuff on how to do it with a foam head.
THanks in advance!

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Original Skull?

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 2/15/05 at 8:36 PM. ( )

I don't know anyone that still does that. Sometimes the real teeth are used in Boar mounts and such, but not the whole skull, unless they are sculpting forms.


This response submitted by Charley on 2/15/05 at 8:56 PM. ( )

I am sculpting my own forms and using the skull as well. I tried super gluing the lips to the teeth but this didn't work, I can't think of a good way to do this.

Well Charley, you're screwing the pooch

This response submitted by George on 2/15/05 at 9:05 PM. ( )

Back when that was the method of choice, the skulls were clayed in. Then the lips were thinned and actually sewn together, then tucked up inside the clay. Later methods entailed actually fleshing out the complete lip and leaving the corresponding clay off the skull. Rather it was put inside the lips and folded over like an envelope. Then the lips were pressed into the skull and taxiied periodically until the clay dried. Both methods are antiquated now that first papier mache,and foam forms came into being. In some European countries, sculptors actually carve mannikins out of wood for use.

Screwing the pooch?

This response submitted by Charley on 2/15/05 at 10:06 PM. ( )

Not sure what ya mean by that but anyway. I thank ya for the info I'm going to try the second way you speek of and see how that works.

Brent Housekeeper...

This response submitted by Craig on 2/15/05 at 11:37 PM. ( )

did a Breakthrough coyote mounting video using the clay roll in the lips, although I believe it was a foam mannikin. It was an open mouth mount. I believe that was taped in the early to mid 80's.

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