red fox help

Submitted by chevy on 2/17/05 at 11:39 AM. ( )

I have a question during the fleshing process, the skin is getting real dry. I'm fleshing with a scalple and being real carefull. I cant believe how thin the skin is. this is my first fox. I have done several deer, and have been happy with my end results. Just wondering if I need to spay water on while I'm working to keep it moist. Thanks for any help

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Fox Fleshing

This response submitted by Leapin on 2/17/05 at 12:04 PM. ( )

I use puffed borax during the skinning and fleshing process. If the skin is starting to dry just spritz it with a little water and the puffed borax will disolve into the skin. I have never had a problem with doing it this way. Good luck!

Puffed Borax

This response submitted by Abe on 2/17/05 at 4:42 PM. ( )

What is 'puffed' borax?

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