Humane way to kill a mouse

Submitted by Kayla on 2/19/05 at 3:55 PM. ( )

whats the most humane way to kill a mouse for taxidermy

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This response submitted by - on 2/19/05 at 4:10 PM. ( )

Do it like the professionals do. Compressed CO2 gas. Very humane and quick.


This response submitted by Kayla on 2/19/05 at 4:18 PM. ( )

do you get that and what is it

A 2 X 2 works well.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 2/19/05 at 4:49 PM. ( )

Throw it in the air and pretend its a baseball, smack it in the head with your finger, stomp it under your boot, tie a string around its neck and danggle in from of a hungry cat, flush it down the toilet.

To hell with humane ways just kill the thing.

A single sot from a 12 gauge at close range is cool too.


This response submitted by randall on 2/19/05 at 5:01 PM. ( )

put it in something you can attach on to muffler of vehicle. A few minutes it's done. (6 minutes for a human being)

Geez guys

This response submitted by George on 2/19/05 at 5:41 PM. ( )

John C is the only one to come close on the chemistry angle. LOL Carbon DIOXIDE (CO2) is what you breathe OUT. Carbon MONOXIDE (CO) is what you get in exhaust fumes. Any gases element or compound other than oxygen will do the job. Nitrogen will do it quite quickly as well. Personally, I like the 2 x 2 better than both of those.

Pail of water

This response submitted by Mr. T on 2/19/05 at 6:03 PM. ( )

the best trap is a pail of water in the corner of the garage with a paint stick tettered over the edge with peanut butter on the tip of the stick.

Cowboy boots

This response submitted by jerry on 2/19/05 at 9:19 PM. ( )

I use cowboy boots you can dispatch and make a rug out of the little critter in one lick

no not a wild mouse

This response submitted by kayla on 2/19/05 at 11:16 PM. ( )

no not a wild mouse like one you buy from the feed store

Actually George, CO2 would work

This response submitted by PA on 2/20/05 at 6:44 AM. ( )

It is definitely true that we breath Carbon Dioxide out as a waste product of respiration, and that Carbon Monixide is the more dangerous chemical. But Mammals, Birds, Reptile, insect, etc. Can be killed by CO2. The latest methods for fumigating large museum collections is to use a tent like structure impermiable to air, place the objects to be "fumigated" into the tent, then use compressed CO2 to fill the atmosphere completely with carbon dioxide. After sufficient time all the dermestids, moths, cigarette beetles, clerid beetles, etc. are ALL dead. This use of CO2 replaces the old use of Methyl Bromide, or Phosphine Gas, both which aren't good for people to breath. The venting of CO2 doesn't cause a "hazardous waste" problem (though Museum professionals could be blamed for Global Warming if you believe in that crap). Here are two links for you - the first dealing with fumigation and the second, commercial use of CO2

To answer the original question though, a simple thorough squeeze in the thorasic cavity will kill a mouse very quickly - takes 3 seconds.


This response submitted by George on 2/20/05 at 9:15 AM. ( )

You're absolutely right, of course. I wasn't thinking about saturation of CO2, but I did especially enjoy the global warming comment. Never figured why they didn't stop building houses by cutting down the trees that actually process that CO2, did you?

Cram that mouse

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/20/05 at 10:46 AM. ( )

Down the barrel of a 54 caliber black powder rifle with 110 grains of powder. Pick out a target , aim carefuly , and simply fire the weapon. I found that mice have a fantastic tragectory if loaded butt first . Their little heads are nice and pointed so they have very little drop to them up to 100 yards ! enjoy ! Bradlee

Trees ARE a carbon sink...

This response submitted by Pa on 2/20/05 at 12:36 PM. ( )

"Green" people actually are considering using plant matter to "adsorb" all the CO2 then bury it quickly preventing it from decomposing, thus trapping CO2. If it decomposes, there is no entrapment of the gas. It is truly a ridiculous angle, since gas would be used to bury the material and there would be release of CO2 when burning gasoline or a different hydrocarbon.
The global warming debate is gettin to be a discussion I don't wish to enter anymore than evolution. I know man evolved from lower being, whether it was guided or not is up to the individual to believe (or not) but we did evolve. Sure we might possibly have global warming, but humans, though they might be responsible for 1 % of the change, should not unilaterally blame only the wealthy nations. Even the worse case senerio has Global warming increse perhaps 8 degrees in a century from now. That simply means the weather in Pittsburgh will now be changed in 2105 to the weather in Cinncinnati. As long as the Bengals don't come with it, bring it on..

buy a snake!

This response submitted by Tony J. on 2/21/05 at 2:15 AM. ( )

Or just stomp it!


This response submitted by Mandy on 2/23/05 at 1:15 AM. ( )

My friend helped me to put down a fancy mouse (bigger than an average mouse) a while back. The mouse was in a small box (a jar could work as well). What you do is take the container containing the mouse, and heave it as hard as you can toward a very hard surface (such as a cement wall). This is a very fast and painless death for it as as soon as the container makes contact against what you're throwing it at, the mouse will break it's neck and / or back, and it will die. I guarantee the method. Another good (although not fast) method is to take the mouse, put it in a box, and then stick it in the freezer. They just go peacefully to sleep. Good luck to you!

The key is humane. Not "just how".

This response submitted by - on 2/26/05 at 2:13 AM. ( )

Of course you can bash their heads in, blow them up with dynamite, etc. Crushing with shoes is illegal. The person asked about a humane method.

Go look up the AVMA protocol on euthanasia of lab animals (such as mice).
CO2 and CD are the #1 and #2 methods.
CD = neck breaking. You take a forceps, and close them on the mouse's neck right at the base of the skull - lock the forceps down. They kick for about 15 seconds, pee, and then are dead.

I buy mine frozen and pre-killed (with CO2).

never let em go

This response submitted by Princess on 2/27/05 at 5:43 PM. ( )

put em in a container and let em starve to death


This response submitted by franky on 2/28/05 at 11:05 AM. ( )

Eat the damn thing!

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