What I have to do (permit?) to mail taxidermy rabbit to US?

Submitted by Ange on 2/24/05 at 3:36 PM. ( singerag@yahoo.com.au )

I need to mail some old taxidermy to the US from New Zealand.

These are not endangered species, the taxidermy is an old mounted rabbit and maybe a mallard duck or cat if there is room in the box.

Do I have to get permits etc to do this or can I just post them? I am not sure of what is required at the US end!

Thank you for any help,

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The cat is illegal (USA prohibits buying or selling domestic cat and domestic dog fur).

The mallard duck is illegal unless you have some permits that say it is a pen (cage) raised bird. It can not be wild.

Best sell those 2 items to someone in NZ / Aus.

The rabbit should be ok with a 3-177 import permit, if the buyer has a license, go to usfws.gov. It'll run you $55 usd.
The license will run the buyer $50 usd and they will have to be open for inspection to the feds.
That's in addition to postage btw.

learn to read

This response submitted by newbirdman on 2/24/05 at 7:32 PM. ( )

They didnt say they wanted to sell these items they said they want to ship them here . You might have a problem with that house cat . Rick

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