What is the best way to send pelts so that they stay frozen

Submitted by Matthew on 2/24/05 at 8:24 PM. ( )

I have a question to ask yall taxidermists how do you send out a pelt to someone out in priority mail but at the same time keeping it from thawing out and causing hair slippage. My buyer wants the pelt to get there still frozen the problem is sometimes priorty mail is slow and it end s up taking 3 days instead of two and in around sunday with a hoilday maybye 4 days. I appreciate your comments.

Thanks Matthew

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UPS Next day

This response submitted by Lance H on 2/24/05 at 8:53 PM. ( )

Freeze the pelt rock hard in as tight a ball-shape as possible. Buy a cooler or plastic tub and pack the frozen pelt in it with wadded up balls of newspaper and pack it really tight. Get the address labels on it and everything and leave it in the freezer until thye last possible moment. On Monday or Tuesday afternoon, take it to your local UPS receiving point and ship it next day, or at the very longest, second day air. Don't take it Wed or later or it may get stuck in some distribution center rotting over the weekend. Mark it clearly on the outside as frozen and perishable. Get a tracking number and follow it throughout its entire trip. Make sure the person to who it is addressed is aware of its pending arrival and is there to receive it and get it in a chiller ASAP. I've had javelinas from southern AZ and coyotes from wetsren UT and northern MN shipped to me this way and have actually had to wait for them to thaw for skinning on second-day delivery. I prefer UPS orver USPS for this purpose but ship most everything else by Uncle Sam.

Postal service

This response submitted by Mr. T on 2/24/05 at 9:57 PM. ( )

These folks go home at 5:30. Things set inside warm heated buildings. UPS keeps things moving around the clock and loaded in the trucks that set outside in the cold winter weather. Good advice by Lance above.

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