Paint for Bear

Submitted by joe on 12/2/05 at 5:02 PM. ( )

Would dry temper paint mixed with water or black leather dye be the best to touch up a full body bear mount where the hair is thin and show lots of white hide? How would be the best way to apply, in a spray botter or brush on? Thank you very much, Joe

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Dye or lacquer

This response submitted by George on 12/2/05 at 7:19 PM. ( )

Tempera is out as it's water soluble and unstable for usage on hides.

Upholstery Paint

This response submitted by Wolfe on 12/2/05 at 10:19 PM. ( )

Go to an automotive store and buy a can of upholstery spray paint. It works great. I've used it on several black bears to touch up "thin" spots.

Lifetone makes a black dye just for that.

This response submitted by Rorie on 12/3/05 at 12:06 AM. ( )

I keep it on hand for hogs, bear and the other colors. this is not the paints.

Clicked the suppliers link, the blue word at the top of this page.

Clicked WASCO and here is what I found under airbrush supplies.


Black Skin Dye
Fast penetrating, rich black dye that leaves no brittle residue. Excellent for black bear rug work.

Code Size Price
DS40-128 Gallon 64.95
DS40-8 8 oz. 8.95

Dark Brown Skin Dye
Fast penetrating, deep brown dye. May be applied to hair side or reverse side of skins. Pefect for bringing bleached or light areas back to their original color.

Code Size Price
DS41-8 8 oz. 8.95

Light Brown Skin Dye
Fast penetrating, golden brown dye. Good for capes.

Code Size Price
DS42-8 8 oz. 8.95

Green Habitat Dye
Fast penetrating, bright yellowish green dye. Used to stain synthetic fiber bundles or cotton fluff. Perfect color for algae, moss and duckweed.

Code Size Price
DS43-8 8 oz. 8.95

Flesh Skin Dye
Fast penetrating, soft pink dye. Excellent for game heads.

Code Size Price
DS44-8 8 oz. 8.95

White Skin Dye
Fast penetrating, pure white dye. Good for mountain goat and game heads.

Code Size Price
DS45-8 8 oz. 8.95


This response submitted by Joe on 12/3/05 at 12:18 PM. ( )

Thanks for all the responds, great web site, very helpful.

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