Form Relief Cut/Slot Question

Submitted by Tom on 12/6/05 at 3:25 PM. ( )

Just received my squirrel mounting kit from WASCO. The form I got is a squirrel climbing up a tree. The front legs are attached to the body of the squirrel so I need to make a relief cut/slot in the form between the front legs and the body to tuck the skin. My question deep and wide do I need to make these cuts? The instructions with the kit did not say and I couldn't find anything on width or depth in the archives.


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This response submitted by Tom on 12/6/05 at 3:56 PM. ( )

I know whoever reads my post above will figure it out but just to be sure....the front legs of the FORM are attached to the body.

I use a dremel tool

This response submitted by Ryan on 12/6/05 at 6:21 PM. ( )

with a bit that has a cutting tip about as wide as the actual shaft of the bit. This gives me enough room to get the skin in the slot. Start small and try it, if you need to open it up a bit you can. If you open it up too much fill it with clay. Just follow the anatomy of the animal. Looking at a reference photo of a squirel in a similar position will help you out.

Save some frustration

This response submitted by Justin on 12/7/05 at 9:05 AM. ( )

With the same bit Ryan is talking about, cut a slot or "ditch" in each arm before you cut the relief slots. Bend a piece of wire that will fit into the ditch (the slot should run into the body for strength). Lay a bed of bondo in these slots and before it sets push your fitted wire into the slot, let gel and sand. This will give you very strong legs and prevent breaking them off during the mounting process.


This response submitted by Tom on 12/7/05 at 2:20 PM. ( )

Thanks for the responses. Justin....that definitely makes sense. After getting the form in the mail, it does seem more brittle then I thought it would be. Obviously this is my first mount.


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