Bear Claws Question

Submitted by bear on 12/11/05 at 8:08 PM. ( )

When preparing the claws for ornamental usage, should I macerate the bases and macerate the sheaths off the bone core and re-attach/re-glue (cleaning it as one would clean sheep horns for mounting), or should I just scrape the cleaned (boiled or bleached?) bases and drill a hole through the base of the claw?
I'd like to have an item that will last for generations without worries of smells or bug infestations.

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I mascerate them until the case comes off

This response submitted by George on 12/11/05 at 8:34 PM. ( )

Once I have the claw "nail", I fill it with epoxy and imbed a small looped wire into it and let it cure. Once cured, I can do anything I'd like with the claw. There's no bone to ever worry about again.

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