new pics @ nite eyes

Submitted by Don Jahner on 12/13/05 at 8:16 PM. ( )

new pics of mount done by cripple creek taxidermy. anyone else wanting to show thier work send photo to can check out pics at thanks Don Jahner.

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Sorry Don But

This response submitted by . on 12/13/05 at 9:17 PM. ( )

Those are some of the worst coyote mounts I have ever seen! I really don't get what you are trying to market. Could you please explane? A word of advice. What ever it is your eyes do you need to have a decent taxidermist mount and put some photo of a good mount on your site.

i like them

This response submitted by Don Jahner on 12/13/05 at 10:18 PM. ( )

and your more than welcome to sumit photos of your mounts.

Reminds me of the old movie...

This response submitted by marty on 12/13/05 at 10:30 PM. ( )

"The Village of the Damned" with the kids eyes that lit up and they could read your mind. A brick wall, a brick wall, a brick wall...


This response submitted by @ on 12/14/05 at 3:49 PM. ( )

give those coyote taxidermists SOME REFERENCE PLEASE!

I am no expert

This response submitted by B on 12/15/05 at 10:33 AM. ( )

Only been at this a short time. But I said it when Don first started pumping his invention. The people who will be interested in this product. are the same ones who request a deer mount with the arrow hanging out the side. It makes no sense to have a coyote with aggressive posture. And eyes wide open. Just kills the expression.


This response submitted by 8 on 12/16/05 at 11:04 AM. ( )

The trend on this thread is for us to anonymously critique this guy's gallery.
Let me start off by saying that werewolf looking open-mouth is the most dern-awful thing I've seen since laughing at mounts on eBay. The showcased work is of very low commercial to beginner quality.
And the eyes themselves? The pupils are too large and the color too uniform. They lack natural luster.
Last I think these kits are a fire hazard, because the foam of mounts isn't fire-safe, and now we're running wires through it. Is this gadget UL certified? Think "house fire started with coyote mount". Better beef up one's house premiums.
I used to think Nite-Eyes were a knockoff of Erling Morch's tapetum "eyes that shine in the dark" recreations - but Morch has nothing to worry about - he's still the best.

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