PLEASE ! Need advice on an antique mink coat

Submitted by Donel/Animal Artworks Taxidermy on 12/23/05 at 8:11 AM. ( )

Hello all,
Just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice on an antique blonde mink coat I recently acquired to give to the wife.The leather has come apart in quite a few different areas due to being old(leather is getting super fragile,will tear easily,though not dry and paperlike yet).Am getting it sewm back together(though the stitches just want to pull through the leather,$$#$%^%!),but getting it slowly.What I want to do is reinforce/strengthen the leather side somehow ? So it won't rip out the leather again.Was thinking of painting the leather side with a silicone/marine caulk,kinda like an extra skin coating? Maybe I'm nuts,maybe not? As this is definately not my expertise,if anyone has any suggestions,I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks alot,

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Try This

This response submitted by Old Fart on 12/23/05 at 9:24 AM. ( )

I use a product called Tear Mender, I get it at Ace Hardware. It's made by VAL-A CHICAGO,INC., 700 W. Root St., Chicago Ill 60609. It has lots of other uses too, when you're dealing with fabric to fabric or leather. You should be able to use it to apply a light weight fabric backing onto the furs

Duck skin tears ?

This response submitted by Marc A on 12/23/05 at 11:26 AM. ( )

Old Fart, Would it work to repair rips in duck skins that want hold a stitch ?

Try It

This response submitted by Old Fart on 12/23/05 at 12:58 PM. ( )

I don't know if it would work for that, but you could try it. You'll find other uses for it in the shop, even if it doesn't work for that.

I'll give it a shot

This response submitted by Donel on 12/23/05 at 3:42 PM. ( )

Thanks alot Old Fart,much appreciated.I'll give it shot.

your leather coat...

This response submitted by terryr on 12/24/05 at 4:45 PM. ( )

is sufferieng from acid rot - i would expect that as soon as you get one repair made another will appear - this happens because original tanning was not neutralize and the acid just keeps working (forever) - good luck - dont spend too much time b4 you give up and throww it awasy

Go to a fabric store

This response submitted by R. Lee on 12/24/05 at 4:52 PM. ( )

and get some fusible interfacing....I have a blanket I made out of several rabbit hides (these are just thin skins and the stitches are pulling thru in places) I wanted to repair so I can still use it, so you get the interfacing (it's like a thin cheesecloth with thermal glue impregnated in it) and the iron it onto the back side of the fur (leather). It will form a support for the fur (for a while anyway). Instructions come with it on how to use it.

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