Forest Meisters in OH?

Submitted by Mark on 12/27/05 at 8:40 PM. ( )

Anyone deal with them whether directly or indirectly. I have some clients going there to hunt boar/ sheep etc. Thanks for any info be it good or bad.

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Forestmeister is Great

This response submitted by Tdogg on 12/27/05 at 11:26 PM. ( )

Mark, Went to Forestmeister last May for Boar. Had a great time and it's a great place to do a little different hunting without spending a fortune. We are going back again this year, the first weekend in May. We all took boar last year, and it really tasty. I am going for Texas Dall Sheep this year and really looking forward to it. My son and daughter are going this year so I'm hoping to put a little pork in the freezer again. Tom and his wife and son-in -law really do a fine job at taking care of their clients and run a top notch operation. Hope you have a great time. Good Luck, Tdogg

had a ball

This response submitted by Derek on 12/28/05 at 11:18 AM. ( )

Mark, myself my father and daughter have ben going for the last three years, great food and accomodations, the terrain will kick your butt, all hills lol. the pigs definately give you the beter hunt but if you hunt with a bow the sheep can be a little more challenging, Tdog, I just got a nice texas dall there this past sept, pretty nice horns and beautiful beard, cant hardly beat the hunt for the price. when you go back in may look on the wall for the pennsylvania bucktails photo, and you might even see my business cards still on the bulletin board lol, good luck and have a great time, Derek

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