Small Mammal Eye Skinning -Eye Lash Fat Deposit Question

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Hello all,

I am currently working with squirrels and some raccoons I have trapped. I have a quick question about splitting out the eyes. Is it neccesary to get out the little fat deposits on the eye lashes of squirrels and raccoons? (like you would on a deer and on coyotes also) Do you all do this step or not? Will it matter with the lashes on species this small? I have watched some videos on small mammals and none of them mentioned anything about doing this.

Thanks, and yes I tried the Orange Button to no avail.


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I do.

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IMHO. It makes a better looking mount. There always seems to be a lot of shrinkage around the eyes and it helps reduce that by getting all of the fat and flesh off. I like to split them because it gives you something to hold the eye skin in place other than pins. Joe

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