cougar or leopard?

Submitted by huntr on 1/10/06 at 11:49 AM. ( )

i have a small courgar hide for mounting and having a hard time finding a form that comes close is there a big difference between the leopard form and mountain lion forms?

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There are some differences.The eye to nose is usually longer on a leopard,as is the back of the head.The cheekbone area under the eye is fuller on the mountain lion.It's uually easier to use a mtn. lion changeout head than alter a leopard head.If a mountain lion and leopard have an equal body length,the leopard's legs will be shorter.I use mountain lion forms whenever I can for them,but if I have to use the leopard form,I usually order one 2" longer than my mtn. lion is,cut the 2" out of the length,attach the ML changeout head and usually they fit very well,if it was a good form to begin I have a 48" mtn. lion,I order a 50" leopard form and cut 2" out of the torso length.This usually gives me a form with legs the correct length.I'd rather alter the torso for length than shorten or lengthen 4 legs,any day.It's not too hard a job,really,but I would check all the catalogs for lion forms first.I have had to do this on smaller cats though a few times.


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"Large Black Cat" /Panther?/Jaguar?Leopard Sighted in S Ant

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KSAT News, I believe, reported not only sightings of suchyesterday-but reports that it/they were killing pets in LaVernia,Tx. I had one 'cross the road' at night,infront of my vehicle,last year. This one was 'pitch black' color(I do not drink or do drugs!). It was definitely real/factual. Are these escaped exotics from hunting ranches?...


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