Hey, Expierienced Trappers, I Need Your Advice!

Submitted by Easton on 1/15/06 at 9:46 AM. ( )

Here's what I got, A badger, denning in a hole. He pulled a deer head part-way down his hole to feed on. I left a jackrabbit carcass there that I'd shot. What type of set would any of you experienced trappers use? Should a set a snare, a bucket set, or just started squealing on my dying jackrabbit call till he sticks his head out for a shot? I need help? I only started trapping this year in November, I've already caught 3 beaver and a muskrat.

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if you want to have a little fun

This response submitted by griz on 1/15/06 at 10:06 AM. ( )

get a big tank of water and pull it along side of the hole then fill the hole up, and get ready to grab that s.o.b. when he sticks his head up for air. And yes you can grab him, cause he ain't exactly going to have his wits about him- after breathing in a few gallons of water. Pull him out of his hole before you shoot him, or else he'll slink back down the hole. But when you get him out of the hole, best get ready cause the lil wolverines can be MEAN! LOL :) And yeah maybe I'm kidding a lil bit, but trust me this is a tried and true method :) And if you want to practice get a milk jug full of water and go around to the grinny holes in your yard and turn the jug up and the little critters pop out right into the jug.

Of course you could always do the boring ole gang set and hope to catch his front two feet, or else he'll have another den dug by the time you find hime the next morning!

Well anyways.... Good luck and have fun...

Maybe something a little safer!

This response submitted by Easton on 1/15/06 at 10:11 AM. ( )

haha, that sounds like a challenge, but I'm not exactly the bravest person on earth. I could do what you said but instead of grabbing him I'll use my animal catch pole and slip the noose over his head when it comes out LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

220 or 330

This response submitted by Cartman on 1/15/06 at 10:51 AM. ( )

If you can, just stick a 220 or 330 conibear over the den hole.


Can't law forbids it.

This response submitted by Easton on 1/15/06 at 11:03 AM. ( )

#220 or #330, by law of North Dakota, have to be either in a bucket set or underwater.

Plain Old Dirt Hole

This response submitted by Tom on 1/16/06 at 2:40 AM. ( )

Just use a plain old dirt hole set like you would for a fox or coyote. Use the same lure and bait as you would for the canines also, Badgers are not hard to catch they are harder to hold after you put the cuffs on them. If you catch and hold it be prepared for it to be backed into a hole about three feet deep that it dug for you. Man they are some mean little bastards. Good Luck!

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