Submitted by hunter3 on 1/15/06 at 7:45 PM. ( )

I got a squirrel and mesured it up.I picked out a manikin and picked out some eyes. Im planning on doing alot of squirrels so i want to buy all the materal I need. I need thread, needle,clay and the tail. I already have borax. Is there anything else i might need to help me skin a squirrel? I hered you dont need hide paste. Do you need to use skin prep or is it ok without?

Thank you

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This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 1/15/06 at 8:07 PM. ( )

You can use dry preservative on a small mammal like a squirrel. for the tail, though, I use wire.. you said thread, needle, clay & the tail so I am guessing you got the tail in a mounting kit? What kind of squirrel is it? So to SKIN the squirrel you only need a knife or scalpel, then of course you want to flesh it (knife/scapel and scissors), to TAN it you would need the Dry Preservative.. I would suggest washing it first and let it drip or spin to get wexcess water out altough I soak everthing but ducks in Basacryl. So then dry it like with a towel, in front of a fan, or hair blow ryer on cool... That's when I rub in the Dp.. then you are ready to test fit your skin on the form and see what you need to do to make it fit... Don't forget that if it's forelimbs (arms) are close to its body you need to dig out a section of where it touches the body so you can pull the skin up (like a pullover sweater at the arms). Then there is also opening the mouth so you can tuck the lip skin in. I always pin the eye skin so it doesn't move but you can use sewing pins (straight pins) like from the sewing dept at walmarts. when dry you may need to add a touch of wax at mouth or eyes.
It might be good to get a sq mounting video just to SEE someone else do it.

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