Squirrel VS. Deer

Submitted by Scott on 1/15/06 at 10:33 PM. ( )

Just getting into taxidermy, have finished my 2nd shoulder mount of a whitetail, and naturally it looks a little bit better than the first. What I'm curious about is: Are squirrels easier to mount than whitetail deer? Haven't done a squirrel yet but want to do a lifesize mount of some kind, have a bobcat in freezer but wanted to practice on something a little more readily available.

Thanks for your opinions

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Thats a good one to start with.

This response submitted by John W. on 1/16/06 at 3:06 PM. ( )

You can sit at the table,drink a cup of coffee and just take your time learning how to flesh and put one together,its a good starting point.Research Mannikins puts out a couple of good videos on mounting squirrels.

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