Bobcat earliners

Submitted by dave h on 1/18/06 at 12:38 PM. ( )

I bought a pair of ears back earliners from McKenzie's and they just don't look right to me. When i put them on the manniken i can't get them positioned so they look right. Has anyone on here ever used these ear liners? if so tell me what you think.

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This response submitted by gary on 1/18/06 at 12:40 PM. ( )

McKenzie offers several different kinds of earliners. I like to use the actual earliners, they are about $14 for a set and have the earbutts on them to lay to the contour of the head. the cheaper earliners you will have to shape the bottom with clay.

thats it

This response submitted by Dave Hyer on 1/18/06 at 1:43 PM. ( )

Those are the eones that i have, But when i try to position them on th eform, they just don't look right.


This response submitted by Grafton on 1/18/06 at 3:11 PM. ( )

a proper fit you may have to remove some foam from the form. They also come in medium and large. What does not look right? When I use these, I dig out the form a bit, set the ears with epoxy putty over plastic wrap. When they are dry I have earliners that will now lock in place to the form in the correct position. I put a small hole in the inner ear liner so I can pin them in place until the glue dries.

Good ideal Grafton

This response submitted by mopar on 1/18/06 at 3:53 PM. ( )

I just did my first bobcat with those ear-liners and had a little trouble keeping them in the holes. I will try your method next time. Thanks, Jeff


This response submitted by dave h on 1/19/06 at 12:41 PM. ( )

I mounted it last night, I didn't cut holes in the form, i ground off all the extra material on the bottom and got them to fit pretty good. After i got th ehide on, it looked good. Thanks for your idea Grafton.

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