pins for open mouth mount

Submitted by Rob from Louisiana on 1/19/06 at 6:30 PM. ( )

I recently did my first open mouth mount. It came out good but I had a heck of a time pinning the lips inside the mouth. I used T - pins and I don't think they were the type of pin I needed. I tried small ones, mediums and larges and they were pretty hard to deal with. Would an insect pin work or some other type of pin?


P.S. I am not the Rob that posted on Bills post about that movie. I am from Louisiana and have no desire to view the movie either.

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insect pins

This response submitted by James J on 1/19/06 at 7:52 PM. ( )

Insect pins seem top work the best for me but i do know others who use the small tpins and they work for them. I am from shreveport, what part of lA you from? James

Gotta ask, "What's with the pins?"

This response submitted by George on 1/19/06 at 10:21 PM. ( )

I use the long hat pins on my open mouth mounts. Are you using hide paste? If you are, the pins are only necessary until you get the hide glued down and it dries. After that, the pins come out and the Apoxie Sculpt feathers the edges and finishes the work.

i'm with george (figuratively)

This response submitted by terryr on 1/20/06 at 12:46 AM. ( )

a lot of times i don't even pin - the glue sets up quock enuf

i dont pin..

This response submitted by Bill on 1/20/06 at 8:13 AM. ( )

i super glue the lipline where i want it, then sculpt after it dries.


This response submitted by Rob on 1/20/06 at 11:41 PM. ( )

Thanks for the info Insect pins or something longer might be better.

I do use hide paste. It is just my big fingers don't manuver that well inside the mouth. I pinned it inside the mouth instead of in the center or ridge of the lip where it might have been easier.

I am from Southwest LA. just above Lake Charles.

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