Black Bear

Submitted by Don on 1/20/06 at 12:50 AM. ( )

I have someone wanting me to do a full body mount on a black bear, what concerns me it that it has been in his freezer for 2 years. If the hair does not slip what other things might I run into?

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A brick wall LOL

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 1/20/06 at 5:18 AM. ( )

Only kidding
As long as it was tanned it should be fins. That's the proper way of storing a tanned hide. I will also add you have no idea on what is wrong with it as holes, size & bad cuts. I won't give him a till it's thawed and then checked over. After that you can give him a price.


This response submitted by Jim B on 1/20/06 at 11:32 AM. ( )

There won't be any slipping problems unless he put it in there spoiled.There may be a little freezer burn or none at all.This might make it a little more difficult to turn ears etc.,but shouldn't be too big a deal.Bears thaw slowly because they are so well insulated.When you thaw it,hang it from the ceiling by a rear paw if possible and it will unravel itself as it thaws.if you just sit it on the floor it can take days and that's not good.I hang a bear skin at night and usually by morning I can start work on it.

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