Albino squirrel question

Submitted by Brian on 1/22/06 at 10:42 AM. ( )

I shot an albino squirrel 3 years ago, mounted the tail separatly shortly after i shot it, then put the squirrel in the freezer. Because of various reasons I havent mounted it until now. (College, Work, wanted more practice) I mounted it the other day and it turned out very nice, but I noticed the tail looks like it is a dingier color white. The tail is not on a tail form, it is wrapped. Is there a spray or something I could do to whiten it up to match the body. Would it be possible to go ahead and wash it without ruining it? I thought with it being wrapped, it wouldnt dry on the inside and spoil the tail. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

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What do

This response submitted by Larson on 1/24/06 at 2:32 PM. ( )

you mean it was wrapped? You didnt skin the tail and didnt Freeze it? Is it dried? Its 3 years old? The tail is either yellow from sitting out or it was that way to begin with. You can wash it but since it was not froze I would be afraid that the hair may fall out when it gets rehydratated because im sure its had some decay. Next time leave the tail on, and freeze it.

I read you post again

This response submitted by Larson on 1/25/06 at 9:38 AM. ( )

You said you wrapped it. In that you mean you used a wrapped tail wire right? So you obviously skilled the tail out, my mistake. Did you dry preserve it or tan it? If so it didnt spoil. As far as trying to whiten it? are you sure it wasnt dingy to begin with? Did you wash it before you wrapped it? Where was it was stored may give you a clue of what is on it and you may be able to figure out what to use to remove it. If its smoke you can use lighter fluid or white gas. Im guessing that it was dingy to begin with as many albino tails are. Dont use anything too harsh or the hair may fall out. I have whitenned old deer mounts with Oxyclean and had no problems loosing any hair.


This response submitted by Brian on 1/26/06 at 1:06 AM. ( )

Yes, i used a wrapped tail wire. A solution of borax and water was run through the tail. I went to FLCC and was taking taxidermy classes at the time and my teacher phil said that would preserve it. He mounts all tails separatly so you can get a good full tail, he said when you freeze the tail you can never get the same full bushy tail as you do when you mount it right away. This method has worked well for me, ofcourse this is the only albino i have mounted. Im sure it wasnt dingy to begin with, i have pictures of it right after i shot it and it matched the body. It was stored in a few different places, in my room, in closets, etc. so its probably a combination of things. I might give the oxyclean a try. Ill just try not to soak the tail though. Well off to bed, been a long frusterating day mounting my 10 point from a few years ago. Your suggestions are apprecitated!

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