skinning a bobcat

Submitted by s on 1/24/06 at 2:20 PM. ( )

I'm mounting it one one leg reaching for a crow. Ya'll know the pose. Should I case it or dorsal?

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This response submitted by tomdes on 1/24/06 at 3:13 PM. ( )

I would do the dorsal cut because the action part of the mount or the focal point will all be in the front (underside) of the bobcat..

And as always, I prefer the case cut

This response submitted by George on 1/24/06 at 5:03 PM. ( )

Especially on this pose where only one leg would need to be removed from the mannikin. I wouldn't dare trust one of my seams on such a mount and the case/tube cut eliminates all of that.

bocat fur is EASY to hide seam in

This response submitted by terryr on 1/25/06 at 1:06 AM. ( )

no matter how you skin it will be all right - i always use dorsal

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