red fox help

Submitted by jerry on 1/25/06 at 7:33 PM. ( jerryval )

doing my 1st fox mount carrying a pheassant, going to have a standing form with om, how should i skin it out, any other tips to beware of, thanks

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red fox

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 1/25/06 at 8:21 PM. ( mhoneyATmindspringDOTcom )

Jerry, Dorsal skin that fox. Biggest problem learning lifesize mounts, I think, is getting the form to fit the skin. If you have the actual body of the fox to compare to the form the job is easier. Often forms are a bit large in the waist or heavy in the thighs so comparing with the body shows up problem areas right away. Test fit the skin completly before you start to sew. I like Apoxie-sculpt for lining ears on small critters and don't attempt this mount without some good photos to go by. After your mount is dry you can get a beautiful look by shampooing the fur, rinsing well and blowdrying. Enjoy, Aaron H.

another point to watch out for

This response submitted by J Randall on 1/25/06 at 10:33 PM. ( )

Is taking to long skinning and turning everything especially the ears fox slip easy if you handle the ears to much.

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