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Ive got a customer wanting a cyote rug what would be best way to soften this? I use liqatan ive herd ppl say baking soda will soften it up but i dont want to do that im afraid it will break down the acids in the tan an cause slippage. By the way do you really have a book out if so whats the name of the book?

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It's worth the read

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Wish for the life of me I could remember the title. Bought it at the nationals in Kentucky along with that neet tucking tool for lifesize critters. Anyhow, I thought it was pretty good and could relate to alot of George's childhood experiences even if we are somewhere around 30 or so years apart in age. Maybe if yer lucky he might be able to get you a copy?


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The old baking soda trick is not for softening a hide. It's one of those O-L-D "I-just-stepped-in-a-cow-pie-now-how-do-I-clean-my-shoe-without-getting-it-all-over-me" tricks. It was used extensively back in the "pickle tan" days. You'd dissolve baking soda and wet the hide with it. Just for a few precious minutes, the hide would relax as the soda neutralized the excess acid and you could get a little extra stretch out of your hide. The ONLY way to soften a hide is to break it. That means oil and a lot of backbreaking work of pulling a hide across a dull edge. Anytime I get rug work, the hide goes to the tannery and a soft tan. Cost versus worth should always be a consideration when dealing with rugging.

As for the book, go to, click on the "Books" and type in "George Roof". You'll learn more than you likely ever wanted to know.

Thanks alot George

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I hardly ever post anything on here or ask any questions because i use the orange button you like so much just couldnt find the answer i wanted and i knew you could drive me in the right direction,ive been doing taxidermy for 7 yrs now and still consider myself new at the game ive never had anyone want a rug till now i think ill just send it to a tannery.Ill be nuying that book i like the way you are strait foward with ppl and cut them no slack that alone tells me what kinda person you are,so i gotta read that book.again thanks very much

Keystone Fur vs Carolina Fur

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Looking for someone who has recently used both Carolina Fur and Keystone Fur Dressers with an opinion of who they like the most. I looked in the archives and found some stuff from last year - just looking for someone who has used both recently. I know everyone has a bad experience somewhere. I am looking for a new tannery and have heard some good things about both, as well as the Wildlife Gallery. Thanks in advance!


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Sorry I am new to this and did not realize I posted a new question within this one...Sorry

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