Black coyote price?

Submitted by Lou on 1/2/06 at 5:31 PM. ( )

How much would you pay for a black coyote? I made a $75 offer to a fella haven't heard back from him yet. Just curious what others would pay.

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your are probably low

This response submitted by gary on 1/2/06 at 5:34 PM. ( )

some guys will pay much more than others. i would pay $100 for it on the carcass, more if it was skinned properly. if its a really nice dawg i am sure someone would cough up $200 for it.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/2/06 at 7:05 PM. ( )

Gary, lets stay in touch! I get black ones, and thats good money.

Be happy to stay in Touch

This response submitted by Gary on 1/2/06 at 7:13 PM. ( )

I said I would go a hundred but have seen others go as high as $200, same for red/blonde yotes. Personally I would never pay $200 for a coyote in a million years but put something out there that they average guy does not see very often and someone will go nuts over it.

I'm looking for one to

This response submitted by Rich P. on 1/2/06 at 7:17 PM. ( )

Hey Bill I'm also looking for one to mount for myself.If you or anybody else get one let me know. Would prefer whole in the carcass.

Thanks Rich

coyote fur is....

This response submitted by TERRYR on 1/3/06 at 12:50 AM. ( )



This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/3/06 at 2:17 PM. ( )

Youve evidently never seen a true black coyote...they arent black in the sense of how a dyed fur would look. Ill bet, however, that you could get some pretty neat effects using dye on one, though.

Black coyote

This response submitted by Dale McManus on 2/4/06 at 11:57 AM. ( )

My son has a black coyote, (whole) in his freezer. I think he may be interested in selling. I have an attachment picture if you are interested.

I have one in a cage

This response submitted by wasp on 2/6/06 at 11:01 AM. ( wasp1980@yahoo )

Its a small black coyote, but he eats anything I find dead on the road.I caught him in a foot hold over a dead calf.

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