squirrel hide?

Submitted by grasshopper on 1/4/06 at 7:35 PM. ( )

What would be a more fur friendly weapon for fox squirrels? A 22 or a 20 gauge with 7 1/2 or 6 shot? Thanks for your time fellas?

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This response submitted by George on 1/4/06 at 8:33 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Surprisingly, the .22 is more dependable. The single entrance, possible exit hole can be closed easily. With shotguns, invariably, you cut an eyelid, tear up a nose or lips, and God forbid, break the tail. The first solid black one I'd taken in years had a quarter inch of skin torn from the tail and the nose cut using #8 bird loads at over 25 yards. Talk about pissed.

George, I can feel your pain

This response submitted by joeym on 1/4/06 at 8:58 PM. ( joeym@ra.msstate.edu )

I never mount anything for myself anymore, but, a couple of years ago I was hunting in the MS Delta and wow, here comes a black squirrel, on the ground, running toward's me. I'm thinking, man that would be a pretty showpiece in my shop. With my old 12 gauge, I go BOOM...squirrel keeps coming...BOOM again..gotcha...dead black squirrel on ground...20 feet away... blown to Hadies. Ther wasn't a usable fragment on that squirrel. Oh well, maybe next time.

I use .22

This response submitted by Mrcobaltblue on 1/4/06 at 9:27 PM. ( )

I use a .22 long rifle SOLID point behind the shoulder. They can still run for a little while when shot with this but keep an eye on them an soon they will bleed out and fall.


.22 pellet

This response submitted by Cartman on 1/13/06 at 5:20 PM. ( )

Would a shot to the head with a .22 pellet gun leave to much damage to mount a squirrel? I'm asking because I'm not sure if my pellet gun could kill a shoulder hit squirrel.


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