Wolverine Nose

Submitted by Gary on 1/6/06 at 12:20 PM. ( aataxidermy@sbcglobal.net )

I am wanting to do a wolverine mount with an artificial nose but dont see one for sale in the supply books. Does anyone know if there is one available or something comparable?

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This response submitted by Jim B on 1/7/06 at 10:07 PM. ( )

Robert Holshouser of Eagle River,Alaska used to sell 2 different sizes and they were excellent.However,he quit that business a few years ago.I've used coyote noses on several and they work well enough that no one would ever know.They are the perfect size.There is a slight difference in the shape of the hairline but not enough that you have to change anything to get it to work.There is an artificial nose on the McKenzie "Cast Lip" wolverine heads,but other than that,I don't believe anyone offers one currently.An adult male has a nose app. 25 mm wide(1")and female is about 22mm.I see McKenzie has a coyote nose that is 15/16".That would be pretty close.

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