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O.k I asked this question earlier and got the response i needed, But while looking in a couple catalogs I saw a few mounts where the animal had a closed mouth with an ermine or small animal in its mouth. It looked like it was just holding it by its fur. I was told to do an open mouth with a squirel in it to mount a fox with a squirrel in its mouth. I like the look of the closed mouth better. so I ask how do i do it, do I make a little larger tuck area? For the lips that is and tuck the back fur in with the mouth? Please help.

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reask question differetnly - i cant understand what you are

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So the fox is actually only nipped the squirrel by it's skin? You could probably do a closed mouth and just give yourself more room where the squirrel skin is actually in his mouth. Just get the closed form and carve out more at that point. SOunds like the foxes teeth would be seen a little at this point but maybe the person who mounted this particular pose decided after the fact to do the combo...?
It's do-able.

Research Mannikins has

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a similar mount with a bobcat and a ermine. Take a look at it if you can for me, this will better explain what I would like to do with my fox. copy and paste the link.

Beautiful mount, It's a shame it's not realistic

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Another fine example of competition taxidermy "pushing the envelope". A bobcat or lynx would certainly NEVER carry a prey animal like that. I've seen thousands of predators/prey and never EVER seen anything like that. Cats, even when they carry and move their own kittens take them all the way into their mouths. A cat virtually CANNOT perform that action. The canine teeth extend past the incisor teeth and actually slide against one another. Such action as depicted in this mount would perforate the hide. This implies that either the lips are holding the hide or the incisors are holding the hide. Since cats don't have prehensile lips and their incisors actually lie behind interlocking canine teeth, this depiction is fatally flawed in taxidermy parlance (though you can bet it never would be in a competition).


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Thanks for the input, it makes sence to me. I will follow your lead, I read your posts here alot and respect your knowledge. Thanks again, I am not going to a comp. but i do want a good realistic mount.

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