Red Fox Eyes

Submitted by andy on 8/3/06 at 8:38 AM. ( )

What am I doing wrong, or do I have the wrong sized eye?

I purchased a red fox form and the suggested sized eyes - which have a 20mm base. When I went to place the eyes in the form, they were no where close to fitting without having to enlarge the eye orbit. If I did that, the pupil of the eye would be pretty close to the corner of the eye, and too much of the eye would be under the bridge of the nose or too much for the eye would be torwards the outide of the skull. I measured the orbit of the form and it was 16mm. I know this may sound remedial, but I did some comformation as to ordering 16mm based eyes. Will that correct the problem I am having with setting my eyes?

Can some clarify this for me? Thanks for your time and help!


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This response submitted by Jim B on 8/3/06 at 10:29 AM. ( )

Adult red foxes usually have a 16mm eye.I buy the ones that have that size base and they fit the socket on the form.If you are saying that you have a white-banded eye that has 2mm white band around it,just take a knife and cut a trough inside your socket all the way around so that your eye sets in there and is centered in the socket.You don't have to ream the whole socket out to 20mm,just the sides so the eye slips in there.As long as you take equal amounts of foam off all the way around,your eye will be centered and the pupil will be in the exact same location as if you used a 16mm non-white based eye.Your clay will end up covering most of the excess eye.It's a very quick easy fix.You want to leave the back of the socket intact and just relieve the sides of the socket to fit the rim of your eye.I hope this makes sense.

Yes It Makes Perfect Sense!

This response submitted by Andy on 8/3/06 at 1:13 PM. ( )

Thanks for the help Jim! I am using the white banded eyes and I actually tried what you have described on one of the sockets yesterday, but it looked wrong to me when I compared it to my reference pictures. There seemed to be too much foam/form at the bridge of the nose/corner of the eye instead of a nice transition as in the reference.

I have gone ahead and ordered non-banded eyes in 14mm and 16mm. Hopefully that will make the difference.

Thanks again for your help!


you do know...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/3/06 at 5:26 PM. ( )

Like he said, to compensate for a larger diameter eye, adding sclera, to also set it deeper for the same reason?

I Must Have Read...

This response submitted by Andy on 8/4/06 at 9:07 AM. ( )

something else into his explaination. Having read Bill's explaination about setting the eyes deeper to compensate for the sclera band, it makes more sence to me now. I'll give it a try.



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