Pricing Skeletons

Submitted by no name on 8/7/06 at 11:43 AM. ( )

I have a few small animal skeletons which I am planning to articulate and sell. The animals are: Raccoon, possum, rat, and gray squirrel. How much are skeletons like these worth?

Thanks for any help I can get!

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This response submitted by Amethyst aka Wolf on 8/7/06 at 2:57 PM. ( wolfstaxidermy AT )

It depends on how good the finished skeleton is, how clean the bones are, how accurate the skeleton is (is it complete with all bones), how artistic you pose it, and to whom you try and sell it.

You could get anywhere from $.50 per skeleton to $500.00 for the lot, it all depends. Best of luck to you.

It's a shame

This response submitted by Dave on 8/7/06 at 6:50 PM. ( )

it's hard to get the right money for the amount of time and effort put into articulating skeletons. It takes a load of work just to get them down to the skeletons. From experience, it is not worth it to sell them articulated on ebay because you simply won't get a decent price. If you do go through with ebay, you are better off selling them disarticulated, just as you have them now. This is also good if these are your first skeleton mounts. A good skeleton mount is a bunch of work. Know your bone info. I recommend the Bone Man's books. If you've got the skeleton thing down, try selling them on a more appropriate forum. You can try here, but I'm unsure of how successful that will be. Schools will benefit from these most so look for that. I've been doing skeletons for a while. I recently did a Raccoon skeleton for a private university and they gave me $350. But for a price like this it will take some scrutinizing work. Best of luck to you. Let us know how it turns out.

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