Black Chemical on African Animal Horns

Submitted by Mary on 8/16/06 at 9:28 AM. ( )

Can anyone tell me what the black chemical is painted on the Black Wildebeest horns? I assume it is some kind of bug proofing chemical. I would like to remove it if possible and would appreciate some suggestions before I go off half cocked and make a mess of it.

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This response submitted by Jim B on 8/16/06 at 6:31 PM. ( )

I've never seen a black chemical on African horns.I think what you may be seeing is grease from when they were boiled.This greasy area may look black and may have some of the powdered chemicals sticking to the grease.Use warm water and detergent plus a scrub brush to get this off.

black on horns

This response submitted by ##$ on 8/16/06 at 7:30 PM. ( )

The black on the horns is part of the native hide while they worked on the cape in the heat their hands melted,it can be removed by using a product called skin so soft applied with a brillo pad with intence scrubbing.That should be enough information to get you started

Wildebeest horns

This response submitted by Mary on 8/17/06 at 8:20 PM. ( )

Jim, I have gotten in wildebeest before that were natural looking. What ever is painted on these horns is from the boss to the tips. It is coal black and has no greasy feel. It has an insecticide or turpentine smell to it. I say insecticide because once while I was on safari the chalets were sprayed with a similar smelling chemical to deter critters. I appreciate your response and will try soap and water however if any one else out there is reading this and has had a similar experience could you please share it with me? Thanks much.

creosote maybe?

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 8/19/06 at 12:17 AM. ( mhoneyATmindspringDOTcom )

Who can say what some one person might put on a set of horns but creosote seems to fit your description. If so should come clean with a small amount of gasoline done OUTSIDE. Enjoy, Aaron H.

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