help with airbrushing

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What is the preference when you are airbrushing mammals. Laquer or water based paint. Is the lifetone any better than the polytrans

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Laquer is much easier to use

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the only disadvantage is safety, due to the fumes. Use it in a well ventilated area. Use retarder for diluting paints, and thinner for cleanup, and you will get good pretty fast.


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do you just use retarder and thinner with the laquer. They both last about the same amount of time


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...Thinner to CLEAN the airbrush and retarder to THIN the paint. As far as which is better, I use both and like them equally. I use more Lifetone, just because I can buy it from a close by supplier and there is no problem shipping within the state. Polytranspar has to come UPS and they charge extra for a hazzardous material(paint). I buy the Polytranspar at the shows.

nothing better than poly

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If you really want to know

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how to use paints, retarders and thinners a good amount of reliable information is available in print. You would be hard pressed to find a better source of that information than in the "Breakthrough Fish Finishing Manual" by Tom Sexton.
After flailing around with an airbrush and paints the information in this book can answer any questions you have and some that you don't even know exist. It will be the best money you ever spent on the subject.
The other chapters can also be helpful, not only for fish, in using other products in the industry.

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