Skunk killing

Submitted by Rowan on 8/28/06 at 10:38 AM. ( )

I got to kill a skunk. I can live trap it, but I gotta kill it without it spraying.

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good luck

This response submitted by mike on 8/28/06 at 10:51 AM. ( )

i am not sure it will work but we did it 1 time.
we trpped it and some one told my freind if you would spray it with a water hose and keep it wet especially the tail it could not raise it to spray.
i know it worked that time because i was running the water hose buddy carried trap away from house and shot it while water was still running, i cant remember if it sprayed when shot.
the animal controll here sayes if you hold a blanket up in front of you so it cant see you and walk up and lay blanket over trap you can move it, but i ve seen that and it didnt work when i watched them.
maybe some one else will post an answer.
good luck

use a 220 conibear-type trap

This response submitted by Roger on 8/28/06 at 11:28 AM. ( )

this kills them instantly, they don't usualy have time to spray.
Or if you live trap it , it can be dropped in water and drowned.
Good luck!

If you brain them

This response submitted by Dr.Z on 8/28/06 at 11:32 AM. ( )

they will spray about half the time.We have a syringe on a long pole an we inject with formaldahyde.One of my guys just called and said he would running alittle late as he got juiced this morning.Two out of twentyeight aint too bad.Drowning works well too.

trap a skunk

This response submitted by weaver on 8/28/06 at 1:24 PM. ( )

put the trap in a big trash sack then set it or wrap the trap in a sheet

drown it...

This response submitted by joeym on 8/28/06 at 1:41 PM. ( )

If it is in a live trap, run a long pole through the handle, get someone on each end to lift it, and transport to a pond, water trough, or large tub filled with water. Slowly submerge, and then you can remove it after a few minutes. Move slowly around it, and it will not spray...of course, this comes w/o guarantees!

Enclosed trap?

This response submitted by Ken Walker on 8/28/06 at 2:23 PM. ( 780 924-3200 )

If so,then gas it with exhaust.They never spray.

drowning is the way I've done it

This response submitted by EJ on 8/28/06 at 7:41 PM. ( )

But I have a trap that once it trips the skunk can't raise his tail. I just put a towel over the cage and let him settle down. Then take the cage and lower it in a 30 gal. trash can.

One summer

This response submitted by Richard C on 8/28/06 at 11:54 PM. ( )

I live trapped 14, got sprayed once. My dog killed 3 and got hammered every time , never learned.

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