Moose beard

Submitted by Pacemakr on 8/3/99. ( )

A customer gave me a "moose beard" and ask if I could tan it so he can save it. I was thinking of splitting it to the edges and turning it inside out like a deer ear to clean it out. My question: what's in it, does it need split and cleaned or can I auto-tan it as is? It's cut off with about a foot square of neck skin so it opens flat with the beard sealed. It's in a zip-lock bag frozen now.

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Its mostly membrane....but,..

This response submitted by Leanna on 8/3/99. ( )

Split it, salt it, tan it, card it, and the bell will turn out nicely.

dont forget the pickle...

This response submitted by sorry on 8/3/99. ( )

should be pickled also!

be sure

This response submitted by Brian on 8/4/99. ( )

to open the bell all the way to the tip or you could get some slipping

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