Cleaning long horn horns

Submitted by Rick Patrick on 8/3/99. ( )

I've currently got a large set of longhorn horns for a wall mount
and am looking for a better method to get the horn sheaths off the
bone. I'm injecting water daily and washing the horns, but progress
is slow. Does anyone have a better (read quicker) method for getting
the horn sheaths off?

Rick Patrick

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Dehorning Longhorns

This response submitted by Corey Ilko on 8/20/99. ( )


I hope this isn't too late for you, it's only been 17 days since your question.
I have a few Longhorn Ranchers near me and have received appx. 8 heads to dehorn. I tried several ways on trial and error basis and I'll just relate what works for me.
After preparing the skull for beetles (which I use, whatever) I take a scalpel and cut up and under and around the horn base and leave it in the woods. That's it, I come back 2 weeks later and they usually just slide right off. Cutting up and under the horns allows flys too lay their eggs and begin their work. Like I said, it's taken me 2 weeks depending on time of year. Early spring is still pretty cool and their are less flies. No damage to the horns is done whatsoever.
Too take the smell out of the horns I first use borax to soak up excess water and rub the inside with a gloved finger to remove any thin flesh, then Malogon to sit for a day or so. Good luck.

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