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Submitted by karen on 8/3/99. ( )

i have been leaning taxidermy. and i am fixing to do my first mountian lion. but most of the things i have mounted . was not skined i did that myself. this is for my friend. and he has already skined her. but he did not get any measurments on her. how could i take a proper measurment. do i do it before i tan the hide or after? this will be a full body mount . my first full body. a little worried about it just want to do a good job. it will be with a snarl coming down the tree. any help would be appriciated.
thank you karen

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This response submitted by frank on 8/4/99. ( )

Karen you didn't say if it's frozen or tanned yet but it really doesn't matter. You can measure it by first laying out the skin in a relaxed position. Do not over stretch him lenght way by pulling down on the tha tail area. Always pull the hide width and then pull a little in the lenght. Then start to take you measurements for the form. nose to eye, etc, etc.
If you got it tanned just rehydrate and do the same.
Good Luck

thanks frank

This response submitted by karen on 8/4/99. ( )

thank you frank. she is still frozen haven't done a thing yet because i wanted to make sure of just how i should of measured before i got started and thank you so much . you answered my question . you have a nice day
thanks again karen

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