how to get animal skulls white?

Submitted by Barnes on 8/6/99. ( )

I am working on some preparing some animal skulls, namely a river otter
and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to whiten the skull. The
one i am currently working with seems to be stained, and has very dark streaks
and patches in the bone? Is there anyone who may have a suggestion as
to what i can do??

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sal soda and peroxide

This response submitted by jm on 8/7/99. ( )

boil it in a pan with sodium carbonate (sal soda) when it comes out you can whiten it with peroxide or just bleach it with regular household bleach

white skulls

This response submitted by Shirlee on 8/7/99. ( )

We also boil our skulls in sal soda and then soak it in a solution of 40% volume peroxide (you can get it at any beauty supply store) with water (approx. a 50/50 ratio). If it is a greasy skull, we soak it in Coleman fuel after boiling and before the final peroxide soak. Bleach tends to break down the skull and it will begin to flake. You will get the best results if you can boil the skull immediately after the animal is skinned when it is as fresh as possible (you tend to get those blood stains the longer it sits). It also helps to cut away as much meat and membrane that you can before boiling. Some skulls just never seem to come clean and you can always coat them with paint. We usually do finish our skulls off by spraying with Krylon matte finish spray to seal them.

Grease off

This response submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 8/10/99. ( govp66& )

What Shirlee told you is perfect, now when the skull is very
greasy you cad drill some small holes 1/16 or larger depending
on the skull (if you are mounting the skul to a base of wood
and for example the lower jaw is very greasy do the holes where
it mets the wood and in every where where you dont see the holes
this is to help the grease to flow out when boiling )
When you have the skuls in the solution , or with a paste of
magnesium carbonate and peroxide that you brush the skull with it
after being taken out of a the last boil of clear water if there is
sun put it there it will help you bleach better.
to the final touch ( european type ) i sand (very very fine coarse)and polish with a cloth and a motor that dentist use to polish acrilic
that will seal most of the pores but it will give you a shiny look
you can use a drill with an aditament to polish.
i hope this helps you. Pedro

Bleaching Skulls

This response submitted by Don on 9/3/99. ( )

DO NOT use regular household bleach, this will weaken the bone
hydrogen peroxide ( 20 to 40 vol.) mixed with powered bleach, the kind
used to bleach hair; Clairol Basic White Bleach works good.
Mix together into a liquidy paste and brush on the cleaned skull, this will whiten the skull without damaging the strength of the bone

How to make a Europeon Mount on a white tail

This response submitted by Kerry on 10/25/99. ( )

How do you make an Europeon Head mount for a white tail deer. I would like to do it myself. Thank you

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