Coyote Feet

Submitted by Jason on 8/24/99. ( )

Does anyone have an easy way to skin out the feet of a coyote? The front feet were pretty easy, but I am having alot of trouble with the back feet below the ankle. Any help wpould be appreciated.

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just go slowly

This response submitted by carl on 8/24/99. ( )

the back feet are a little harder to skin out.. try cutting a slit from the ankle as you call it all the way to the pad ,, that will allow easy movement and it is just a short incision in an area easy to hide.
hope this helps :)


This response submitted by Wily on 8/24/99. ( )


Make sure you have a small,sharp knife. A small chain with a hook or clip to hang the foot in front of you is also helpful...the weight of the 'yote should pull the hide down as you make small relief cuts to loosen the foot. It's slow going between the toes and pad so take your time and cut where you see the color change to avoid cutting the hide in between the toes. Tip: If one place won't release move to another and keep moving around with your skinning knife. With the skin of the foot pulled down tight and a sharp knife it will eventually release.

Good Luck

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