Can I change the ear set of a coyote mount after 2 Months?

Submitted by Jim R on 8/17/99. ( )

I mounted my first full mount coyote 2 months ago, and I was
satisfied with the way it looked at first. After looking at
many reference photos , I can now see that the ears are set
to low an far apart. It was tanned with liquitan and the ears
have plastic liners. Can I rehydrate the ears and move them
now or am I stuck with Dumbo the coyote? Any sugestions or
advice on how to deal with this would be aprciated.
Thanks Jim R.

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mate have i had some dumbos

This response submitted by craig on 8/18/99. ( )

Jim you should be right. im not familiar with liqua tan but most tans you can relax.just wrap some cloth and cotton balls in the but of the ears and around the general area you want to move then keep wet .it might take a day or so but you should be able to move have a lot larger variety of chemicals to use than us, there might be something else.i have done this with numerous animals and never had a problem see how you go. hope ive helped.


This response submitted by S. Wilson on 8/18/99. ( )

Would this/has this process of getting the hair wet, for what sounds like an extended period of time with no refrigeration, cause hair slipage?

no slip

This response submitted by craig on 8/19/99. ( )

if the critter has been tanned properly it wont slip.ive even soaked full capes and mammals that have been mounted for some time for 48 hours plus whith no probs,but like i said it depends on the tan

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