Submitted by RED on 8/26/99. ( redtkr@aol.com )

Do you have to take the cartlige out of the ears ,if so how ,I started to and the backs of the ears started to tear.thanx!!

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Don't Skin the Ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This response submitted by Adam on 8/26/99. ( MammalSpec@aol.com )

there is no need to skin the ears on a rabbit. All it will do is cause you more grief. Use the "carding" method for the ears, simply cut a piece of light weight cardboard to the shape of the ear. pin the ear skin to the cardboard and let dry. Watch the mount closely over the drying period, if any wrinkles develop in the ear simply smooth them out. I have used this method successfully with rabbits and the ears turn out fine! The ear is not thick like a deer or fox, so there is no need to turn them. And if you do try to turn rabbit ears you'll end up with ripped or sometimes hairless ears!

Good Luck Mounting that rabbit!!!


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