Submitted by JIM on 9/2/99. ( JIMDARHUNT @ AOL.COM )

I am a hobbiest at this taxidermy thing and have done several
whitetail shoulder mounts and enjoy fleshing my own capes. I have
been using a freinds RAW HIDE fleshing machine and am looking for a
fleshing machine. can anyone with expierience let me know which
machine(s) to stay away from. I see quite a few dakota machines
for sale on the "FOR SALE" forum.

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They all work.

This response submitted by John C on 9/2/99. ( taxidermist118@hotmail.com )

All of the machines will work. I once owned a Rawhide it worked fine. I still own a Dakota it also works fine. In addition as your skills develope you may want to upgrade. I recently aquired a Eager Beaver. It will out flesh all the others, the blade is a 2 minute change. You can adjust the gaurds infinite amounts. Its not any more expensive than the other top of the line machines. dut a Dakota will do for a starter if you dont have $1300.00 to drop this year. John C

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