fox skin

Submitted by mike on 9/2/99. ( )

i am a beginner and trying to mount everything i can get my hands on.. this neighbor of mine has a red fox skin, was tanned at new method about 5 years ago. is that to long for a skin to hang around with doing anything to it???? then do you relax the skin in the regular manner?

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Probably too old!

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 9/2/99. ( )

Tanned skins have a bad habit of dry rotting over time. I have mounted skins that were older than this but the results are always different. More than likely a fox skin would be too bad and fall apart after this long. If the owner of the skin is to be the recipient of the mount I would not do it. The memory of how YOU the beginner who knew nothing ruined his fox skin will be a topic of his conversations for years. Try getting some fresh skins from local trappers or taxidermists and doing the mounts from the ground up. In the future a good tip is that when you get tanned skins back from the tannery soak them up and store them in the freezer. Even store them dry in the freezer. They will keep much longer. Another option is to get your hides wet tanned. I prefer this method on all of my skins it is a much easier hide to work with. Good Luck!

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