HELP!!! Bondo will not hold form togather!!

Submitted by Adam on 8/23/99. ( )

Help me out here guys! I just started to mount my fawn today. I cut the legs from the form so mounting would be easier. I used bondo to attach the legs, but during mounting, the bondo's hold on the legs broke. i scraped the hardened bondo off the legs and tried again, but the same thing happened, the bondo did not hold the legs togather. why do you think this happened? any other glue out there that would hold the legs togather? i really need help on this one!

Thanks in advance


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This response submitted by rob on 8/23/99. ( )


try this

This response submitted by John C on 8/23/99. ( )

That has happened to me also. Take a tack hammer and make some small pits in both sides. Now mix some polyester resin with your bondo to thin it some use a little less hardener glue up and everything should work. Also screw them togeter with long drywall screws. Normally when this happens to me, I have found I put to much hardener in the bondo. Bondo is polyester resin based so there is no need to mixed your resin hardener in with your bondo mix. Both are kicked by the chemical cross link of MEKP. (methyl ethel ketone peroixide) the bondo hardener has the coloring paste so the user can see that the haerdener has been mixed well into it. Good Luck John C


This response submitted by rob on 8/23/99. ( )

try roughing up the form first, then drill holes for the bondo to grip in. i also run a rod through the legs for support


This response submitted by Damon on 8/23/99. ( )

I too, had the same problem. What I did, in addition to roughing up both surfaces to be joined, is run a few wires (about 14 guage) into one side. I leave out about 4 inches, which, after the bondo is spread, is then pushed into the other half of the form. The wires help to hold the form together, and allow the bondo to harden and bond to the form. Hope this helps!


This response submitted by George Roof on 8/23/99. ( )

I know the folks who swear that bondo is the panacea for all their problems won't like me saying it again, but: BONDO IS NOT AN ADHESIVE.
Sure, bondo is recommended to reattach sawn forms, but when it was, what else was available. Bondo works only when it has hardened rock solid by holding each little air pocket in the foam.
The best thing to reattach foam is more foam, but this is not always practical. That leaves epoxy.
Epoxy IS an adhesive, and a small ball of quick setting epoxy paste will attach the form where it will have to be broken someplace else. Many times wires inserted in the form will create gaps and wrinkles that show later. Epoxy will fill the gap completely, and any excess can be squeezed around the inside of the skin to insure the contour is maintained.

Try This

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 8/24/99. ( )

We had that problem in Carol's shop but eliminated it by doing this.

First make sure all the foam dust is off of your cut surfaces. Now spread bondo on both surfaces with one of the wide rubber spatula type spreaders and press it hard onto the foam. When your done, each surface will look like it's been painted with bondo, don't put it on thick. After this has set, you can reattatch your parts by another application of bondo and just push them together.

Try it on some scrap pieces, the break them. You'll find that usually the foam breaks before the bondo joint lets loose.

For small area

This response submitted by John on 8/24/99. ( )

For small cross sectional areas I have succesfully used hot melt glue. I don't remember which type it was, but it worked great - the foam would break before the glue. You don't have much time to work with it, so be quick and accurate.
Good Luck,

Success At Last!!!!!!!!!!!

This response submitted by Adam on 8/26/99. ( )

I finally got the fawn mounted and i used hot glue on the legs. i used the kind made for glueing wood...i glued the leg to the mannikin and inserted T-pins to give some support. next i coated the pins in a layer of glue to strengthen the legs some more. Last i put a thin layer of Apoxie-Sculpt around the joint for extra strength. it worked great, and the legs did not snap off while mounting. By the way, "bambi" turned out great!

Thanks for all you help guys!


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