Prices for Black Bear Hides ?????

Submitted by Bob B on 9/5/99. ( )

As the black bear seasons are beginning, I'm wondering what others are paying for
black bear hides and/or capes direct from the hunters. There is no bear hunting near
where I live, but I have already been asked by a few hunter's what than can expect if
they return from there hunting trips with success.

The ones I have purchased in the past, I most likely paid too much, and would like to
avoid doing so again. I buy my capes at $10-$30, based on the neck size, I should do
the same for bear and I'm just looking for a range.

Thanks, Bob

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dear capes

This response submitted by Doug on 10/11/99. ( )

for whitetail capes in the 20-22 inch range,if in good shape I pay 25.00 and as for bears ,I don`t know,theres so dam many of them around here that it is no problem getting one instead of buying it!

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